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EUSci Podcast #55


Zombie LadybugAfter an extended summer break, we are finally back with a new episode of the EUSci podcast. Reduced numbers of podcasters forced us to mix up the format a bit, but we hope you will enjoy it nonetheless. This week our hosts guide us through stories about a zombie ladybugs, the hidden advantages of bilingualism, diminishing hope of finding the Higgs, and much more. So sit back and enjoy our take on the walking particles of science stories that made the headlines (or at least the science pages) of newspapers over the past couple of weeks. Read more »

EUSci Podcast Extra: A Conversation with AI Researchers

Robot smacking a humanAt the 2011 the Edinburgh International Film Festival, one of the events was a screening of the 1984 scifi classic The Terminator. The event was followed by a discussion with two real-life AI researchers from the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. We managed to catch the two scientists before the event and talk to them about the past and future of AI, its perception in the media, and whether we should worry about the Robot Apocalypse.

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EUSci Podcast # 54

Wandering JupiterWhen other people go on holiday, the EUSci podcast team gets cracking to bring you a special August episode of the podcast. This week our host Chris Christodoulopoulos guides us through stories about a wandering Jupiter, gene therapy that works, immoral experiments, and much more. So sit back and enjoy our take on the genetic mass of science stories that made the headlines (or at least the science pages) of newspapers over the past couple of weeks.

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EUSci Podcast #53

How can a computer be made to do something most humans take for granted- recognise 3D shapes? What makes the human brain like a computer? These questions and more are tackled in this weeks episode as our correspondants look at computer vision, and own limited short-term memory capacity. Our discussion centres around the topical subject of sexism in the workplace, and we have tasty news stories for you including the dangers of sex with men from the future and the circular food chain employed by some microbes. Our EUWhat rounds things off with news of the signals men in fast cars are sending to women, and the way in which women receive them. Enjoy.

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EUSci Podcast #52

The bees are back! Oh yes. This episode examines recent claims that mobile phone usage may be behind the decline of EUSci's adopted fluffy apidologic (?) mascots. In our discussion section we also tackle the effect these devices may have on something closer to home- your brain (though as it turns out we're mostly unconvinced by the data so far). 

But that's not all! in our other correspondant piece Jess tackles the hard science of MS, and in our EUWhat Chris examines what effect believing they're being watched has on small children. Our Feature this week comes courtesy of roving reporter Frank, with an excerpt (in case you missed the special podcast) of his recordings on the British Science Association's recent conference. Read more »

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