The EUSci podcast is lovingly crafted (well... carefully crafted, well crafted at least), by our crack team of podcasters every two weeks. Read a bit about the team's exploits below, and tune in or jump on board yourself!

EUSci Podcast Extra: Podcasting Panel at the BSA Science Communication Conference

British Science Association LogoA couple of weeks ago, EUSci took part in the British Science Association Science Communication Conference 2011 in London. The theme this year was online engagement. Inbetween listening to celebrities like Tim Radford, Ed Yong and Cory Doctorow, we participated in a panel on science podcasting. This extra podcast contains an edited recording of that panel.

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The panel included:

EUSci Podcast #51

Robot HeroWe've recovered from the hangover of our 50th episode party and are getting right to work on bringing you the next fifty. This week our host Jen  Wallace guides us through stories about self-assembling RNA squares, sugars that improve antibiotic effectiveness, and much more. So sit back and enjoy our take on the effective square of science stories that made the headlines (or at least the science pages) of newspapers over the past couple of weeks.

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EUSci Podcast Extra: Edinburgh Science Festival 2011

This year's Edinburgh Science Festival was the usual exciting mixture of speakers from all branches of science, and EUSci was once again there to chat to the science stars. This year's Science Festival Special features:

  • Scientist, Writer and Skeptic Simon Singh nabbed after his panel discussion on homeopathy
  • Robin Dunbar (he of 'Dunbar's number') chatting brefore his talk 'The Magic Number'
  • Marc Abrahams of Ignoble fame
  • Ken Skeldon speaking on the spectacular 'Hall of Science'

Enjoy- and if you fancy the chance of interviewing some science celebs for EUSci yourself go to www.eusci.org.uk and get in touch!

EUSci Podcast #50

Yep, that's right, 50 whole episodes of the EUSci podcast (not counting specials). To commemorate the occasion we've got a corker of a show for you, with .... (drum roll...).... a QUIZ. That's right, two teams of current and previous podcasters battle it out to see who remembers the most facts about our archive- and can recount them in the funniest ways. All this interspersed with flashbacks and topped off with some comedy out-takes. Enjoy.

EUSci Podcast #49

The standard modelThis episode we're straying from our usual biological habits (we suspect that computational linguist Producer Chris might be brainwashing us). We have a story on efforts being made to address issues in the standard model of physics, quantum computing AND something on a mathematical model predicting the demise of religion.

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Next time is our 50th episode, look out for something fun and some old faces. Here's what you're getting this time- look out for a very special interview for our Feature: Read more »

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