The EUSci podcast is lovingly crafted (well... carefully crafted, well crafted at least), by our crack team of podcasters every two weeks. Read a bit about the team's exploits below, and tune in or jump on board yourself!

EUSci Podcast #90

In this show Steph will tell us how the phrase “green fingered” will have new meaning with the development of glow in the dark plants and find out why dandelions could be going all rubbery. And of course, we'll be catching up on the Panda craze in Edinburgh.

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EUSci Podcast #89

Welcome to episode 89 of the EUSci Podcast. In this episode, Steph chairs a discussion on why bugs could be the answer to world food shortages and yet we’re still against eating them. Also in the news are plans for a new ultra compact device for quitting smoking and the discovery of a novel antibiotic. And lastly, we say goodbye to our long running editor, Chris, who leaves us to take up new pastures across the pond. All the best and we look forward to an external correspondent!

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EUSci Podcast #88

Hello and welcome to Episode 88 of the EuSci Podcast – your fortnightly hit of news and chat from the world of science. This week we’ll be looking at what’s really happening in the brain when ideas go viral, while Alasdair tells us how to grow a human liver in a mouse’s head! We'll also be discussing the ethical dilemma of genetic screening.  Download link



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EUSci Podcast #87

Welcome to Episode 87 of the EUSci Podcast. In this show we bring you up to date on the latest discoveries including cabbage clocks, invisibility cloaks and penguin shaped galaxies. If that doesn’t grab your attention, we also discuss how glowing eels can help with jaundice and why naked mole rats may be ugly but they do have a trick up their sleeve when it comes to combating cancer.

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EUSci Podcast #86

In this episode, find out how you can strengthen tungsten with tungsten, predict when cicadas will appear and make a solar panel as cheaply as paint. We also have an in depth discussion around proposals to pay blood donors. What do you think? And for all of you suffering from bad hay fever or insect bites this summer, we bring you the latest findings on what really makes you itch. 

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