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EUSci Podcast Extra - Richard Wiseman at the Fringe

During the Edinburgh Fringe our producer Chris caught up with Professor Richard Wiseman, psychologist, magician, author, sceptic and YouTube phenomenon. You may have heard a snippet of this on our Fringe special- but here's the whole shebang.

They talk about his Fringe show 'Psychobable', his books, his journal articles and the nature of psychology as a science.

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EUSci Podcast Extra: Science at the Fringe 2012

A crack team of roving reporters consisting entirely of our intrepid Producer Chris has been out in search of science in the Edinburgh Fringe. Listen to this episode for his interviews with:

  • Geek songstress Helen Arney with Partner Rob Wells on their show themed around experiments and their own domestic bliss.
  • Magician and psychologist Richard Wiseman, whose 2012 Fringe show included transforming a tea towel into a chicken.
  • Matt Parker, standup mathematician and participant with Helen Arney and others in the Festival of the Spoken Nerd
  • Keira Daley, nerdly caberet singer extaordinaire

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EUSci Podcast #71

Are you thinking of playing poker for money against a computer? If so, you might want to hold that thought until you hear Producer Chris's account of an all-AI Texas Hold 'em tournament. Our usual dose of biology comes from Jon this week, with news of a method to sequence a baby's genome with only a blood sample from the mother, a technology that could lead to safer prenatal testing methods. Resident animal expert Steph puts her tongue in her cheek for our EUWhat on GPS-enabled sheep, while our discussion looks at a topical question: is psychology a science? Read more »

EUSci Podcast #70

It's podcast episode 70, and we have host Steph on hand to expertly navigate us through the most interesting science stories of the past few weeks. On the subject of navigation we have a fascinating correspondent piece on the magnetic cells used by fish to find their way back to their spawning grounds hundreds of miles away. We also find out how humans found their way into the Americas in multiple waves many thousands of years ago. In a subject close to our podcasters' hearts we ask: are there too many PhD students and post-docs? Our EUWhat features Hollywood portrayals of menstruation, but as usual it's the news that kicks us off, including some potentially alarming new findings on global warming, and on how viral vaccines combine in the wild.

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EUSci Podcast #69

The EUSci podcast reaches it's 69th regular episode this time round, and in a slightly tenous link with the kinky connotations of this number, we have a correspondent piece including the unusual noises some creatures make in their quest for sex, and a news story about insights in sex from fossils. If shoes tickle your fancy we've got something for you there too, with a EUWhat on what people think your shoes say about you. Have you ever wondered why those Nigerian scammers work so hard at appearing like Nigerian scammers? What gold particles might do to your DNA? Whether language problems might run in the family? Read more »

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