The EUSci podcast is lovingly crafted (well... carefully crafted, well crafted at least), by our crack team of podcasters every two weeks. Read a bit about the team's exploits below, and tune in or jump on board yourself!

EUSci Podcast #68

We've got a lip-smackingly good podcast for you this time, with news from Producer Chris (our resident computational linguist), on some new ideas on how lip-smacking in primates relates to our own speech. In our other correspondent piece Jon examines research on how the process of genetic recombination is managed in mice, and he doubles up this episode, also shedding light on brain regions involved in how men like to be fondled, in our EUWhat. We've got an interesting discussion on the well-known Turing Test, but first up we have Alasdair with the news. Read more »

EUSci Podcast #67

There are entities in this world that do not believe evolution. But it doesn't really matter, it's happening anyway, and as Steph tells us this week, even synthetic molecules are getting in on the act. Our discussion features the delicate relationship between researchers and their press officers, and our exciting feature is an excerpt of an interview by Alasdair with stem cell researcher Prof. Bruno Peault.

Of course the usual goodies are here too- including news on the earthquake-inducing effects of dams and a possible alternative to graphene. Oh, and there's someting about bees, too.

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EUSci Podcast Extra - Sean Roberts on spurious correlation

Having teased you with an excerpt in podcast 66, here is the full version of our interview with Sean Roberts.

EUSci Podcast #66

We're one digit short of the number of the beast this week, as we reach episode 66 of the EUSci podcast. Prepare to be amazed at quantum computers inside diamonds, the stem cell research that could repair your heart in the future, and at how wind turbines are NOT necessarily the bird-blenders they are sometimes made out to be. Our discussion asks if participants in medical research should be informed of incidental findings related to their health, and we have some significant information to impart in a great Feature interview by Chris featuring linguist Sean Roberts.

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EUSci Podcast Extra - Daniel Casasanto, cognitive scientist of the New School For Social Research

We tend to think about ideas, concepts and feelings as abstract constructions that exist in our brains and are shared (more or less) with everyone else on the planet. However this is not necessarily true. In this special episode of the EUSci podcast, our producer Chris is interviewing Daniel Casasanto, a cognitive scientist at the New School For Social Research about how differences in language, culture and even our bodies give rise to different ways of thinking about the world.

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