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EUSci Podcast Extra - Daniel Casasanto, cognitive scientist of the New School For Social Research

We tend to think about ideas, concepts and feelings as abstract constructions that exist in our brains and are shared (more or less) with everyone else on the planet. However this is not necessarily true. In this special episode of the EUSci podcast, our producer Chris is interviewing Daniel Casasanto, a cognitive scientist at the New School For Social Research about how differences in language, culture and even our bodies give rise to different ways of thinking about the world.

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EUSci Podcast #65

The biologists dominate our correspondents this episode, with stories on the use of antibodies in cancer treatment, what mice are telling us about the imact of memories on our experience of events, and a funky mechanism of UV light sensing in plants. It's been an exciting few weeks for physics in the news, however, with Wolf and Chris guiding you through stories from robotic hummingbirds to bleeding plastics. Being this close to easter we couldn't resist a chocolate story, and what do you know, it's good for you- as we tell you in our EUWhat. As an extra special treat we have an excerpt of a fascinating interview with cognitive scientist Daniel Casasanto (full interview to follow). Enjoy! Read more »

EUSci Podcast #64

Novel treatments for stroke are in the offing this week as Alasdair covers some exciting research, with Wolf representing the physical sciences with a story about the origin of the moon's magnetic field. Our intrepid newscasters have explosive stories on, amongst other things, hog farms and nuclear fusion, and Jon looks at the phenomenon of 'relational violence' in movies on behaviour in women. If that wasn't enough our discussion covers the intriguing question- how dead would you want to be before you donated your organs? Enjoy, and don't forget to get in touch with any feedback on the usual channels.

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EUSci Podcast #63

This episode our in-pod newscasters kick things off with a selection of fascinating stories including new developments that might soon allow you to 'spray on' an antenna, and the plants grown from seeds buried by forgetful squirrels thousands of years ago. Recent rapid advances in sequencing technology are on Jon's mind as he considers the advent of a sequencer the size of a USB key in our correspondents section, accompanied by Alasdair on the novel discovery of egg-producing stem cells in women, and Wolf with news of what secrets your heartbeat could conceal.

Our discussion covers a problem identified for the veggie in the room- that of animal products in our medicine. Read more »

EUSci Podcast #62

Another new voice in the pod this week as we welcome Wolf, who with Steph covers news stories including new perspectives on the origin of life, quantum dots and viral diagnostics. Our correspondents cover memory formation in fruit flies, how changes in our intelligence over our lifespans are linked to our genome, and the researchers challenging consensus on how humans acquire language.

Our discussion centres on the implications for SETI of the discovery of exoplanets, and Frank is in his element for the EUWhat spot- which this episode centres on the effect of aftershave on the sex life of tigers. Enjoy!

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