The EUSci podcast is lovingly crafted (well... carefully crafted, well crafted at least), by our crack team of podcasters every two weeks. Read a bit about the team's exploits below, and tune in or jump on board yourself!

EUSci Podcast #63

This episode our in-pod newscasters kick things off with a selection of fascinating stories including new developments that might soon allow you to 'spray on' an antenna, and the plants grown from seeds buried by forgetful squirrels thousands of years ago. Recent rapid advances in sequencing technology are on Jon's mind as he considers the advent of a sequencer the size of a USB key in our correspondents section, accompanied by Alasdair on the novel discovery of egg-producing stem cells in women, and Wolf with news of what secrets your heartbeat could conceal.

Our discussion covers a problem identified for the veggie in the room- that of animal products in our medicine. Read more »

EUSci Podcast #62

Another new voice in the pod this week as we welcome Wolf, who with Steph covers news stories including new perspectives on the origin of life, quantum dots and viral diagnostics. Our correspondents cover memory formation in fruit flies, how changes in our intelligence over our lifespans are linked to our genome, and the researchers challenging consensus on how humans acquire language.

Our discussion centres on the implications for SETI of the discovery of exoplanets, and Frank is in his element for the EUWhat spot- which this episode centres on the effect of aftershave on the sex life of tigers. Enjoy!

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EUSci Podcast #61

The EUSci family grows again this episode, as new science star Steph joins the crew to tell us about the weird and wonderful lives led by spiders. Our other correspondents cover the surprisingly modern features of hunter-gatherer social networks and a very expensive way to make vodka stronger, while our discussion centres around two recent stories to do with our energy problems. Finally our EUWhat tells you something you've always wanted to know: is it more pleasurable to scratch your back, or your ankle? We hope you enjoy the show.

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EUSci Podcast #60

Candles all-round as the EUSci podcast reaches its 60th episode! But we've not rested on our proverbial laurels, and we're back this week with some amazing science for your auditory pleasure. The news spot features new insights into the brains of mice, and the pill that might one day take you from drunk to sober in minutes. Our correspondents investigate how supercomputers have been applied to common puzzles, and spin you a tale of clever new developments in silk manufacture. The EUWhat covers the effect of increased speed limits, and our discussion tackles the thorny issue of open-access publishing.

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EUSci Podcast #59

Santa finds snowWe're back with a vaguely Christmas-themed episode of the EUSci podcast, including no snow at Santa Headquarters in Lapland, and more news about the glaciation of Antarctica. But even if you're an inveterate Grinch, you'll find something to like in this podcast. We have news about wooly mammoths and women's orgasms, as well as a EUWhat on a very special kind of race, and a discussion about deadly ferret flu, and whether one should publish dangerous research.

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