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Trip to the cinema

Red carpets, glossy celebrities, lavish awards. Not at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF). The paparazzi and French canapés you would expect when the world of film comes into town have been replaced by a cinephile congregation with debate and the best of British film from all genres at its heart. Among the copious choice there was one category that attracted scientists in particular. The festival’s ‘reel science strand’ offered a rich catalogue of neuroscience-based productions. One of the highlights was an evening of moving short films and a discussion on living with Alzheimer’s disease - the ‘Disappearing Act’. Read more »

Getting Philosophical at the Film Festival

We tend to think of scientific experts as people to go to when we are looking for certainty and answers, but Paul Broks, an expert in clinical psychology, is interested in questions. They are questions about consciousness and our sense of self– questions that science may not be able to answer– and he is using prose, theatre, and film to ask them. Broks was in town this summer presenting an event called Machine in the Ghost at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. He sat down to tell me about his latest projects and his exploration into what gives us our sense of identity. Read more »

Dr Hypothesis (Issue 10)

Dear Dr. Hypothesis

Lots of pink stuff grosses me out (like low-end pink electronics marketed to girls, but I’d better not get started on that…). But what I’m really curious about is the pink gunk living on my shower curtain. I keep washing it but it keeps coming back! What is it and what could it be finding to eat on there?


Dear Yuck, Read more »

Science in Edinburgh: Giants from the Past

Edinburgh is nowadays an internationally acclaimed centre for research and its leading university, the University of Edinburgh, is consistently ranked amongst the world’s top universities. Every year hundreds of students from the UK and abroad flock to the University, lured by its excellence in teaching and research. From what does this prestige originate? Who paved the way for it? Read more »

The Best of the Fest

The quality of this city’s science festival always reminds you, after a long winter, why Edinburgh is such an inspiring place to live. Founded in 1989, it’s the oldest and one of the largest science festivals around. It comprises a dizzying number and variety of events spanning the city. Between the 9th and 22nd of April venues like the City Art Centre, the Royal Botanical Gardens, The Edinburgh Zoo, the Royal Observatory, and others will host workshops, talks, screenings, shows, sleepovers (yes, really!), games, courses, and events which defy classification. Like the summer festivals the problem can be an overload of choice, but unlike in August, you probably have some exams this month. Although you have to be economical with your time, the Edinburgh International Science Festival is simply too good to miss. Read more »

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