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Uranium Glass Skull Bowls with Eva Walsh

Art and science are often seen as conflicting subjects. There is a common belief that arts degrees are less strenuous than science subjects, and have less contact time between students and lecturers. More often than not, science and technological advances push art, and the arts in general, forward. Frequently used art techniques are more scientifically influenced than many artists would like to admit. Similarly, nature is a massive inspiration for art, a commodity we all share that must be protected. Scientists contribute to this protection in that they are often seen as the keepers of knowledge about the natural world. Read more »

The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

If you have ever tried your hand at cell culture (the process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions in the lab), then you will probably have come across HeLa cells, the most widely propagated continuous cell line. I once cultured these whilst studying the protein interactions that take place inside cells. At the time, I didn’t think about whom these cells had originally come from or what had caused them to divide indefinitely. In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot tells the story of the lady from whom these cells were taken. Read more »

The Lifestyle Diseases Timebomb

In a world where we are continuously told about the increasing risk of any number of diseases such as diabetes and heart-disease, Mismatch: The Lifestyle Diseases Timebomb breaks down humans' evolutionary journey in an attempt to answer the question of how these lifestyle diseases have come about. This book is a veritable voyage through the evolution of humans and a large number of other species. Read more »

Dr Hypothesis (Issue 9)

I recently neglected a packet of biscuits and they went all soft, but I believe when cakes go stale they go hard, I don’t actually know because I never let it happen... What’s the difference?

Biscuitless Betty Read more »

Focus Issue 8: Life, Lifts and Legends

How many times have you tried to count the stars? How many times have you wondered what's out there? Did you ever wish you could see the Earth from far above? Did you ever wish you were an astronaut?

Space, far from being a mere object of our imagination and dreams, is now more than ever under rigorous exploration and scientifi c analysis. Satellites have already flown beyond the boundaries of our own solar system, powerful telescopes are uncovering Earth-like planets millions of light years away and radio receivers are probing the most intricate details about the origins of our universe. Read more »

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