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Gemma Sharp

I'm a PhD student at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health and I'm on the EUSci news, editing and copy-editing team.

Gwen Wathne

Currently finishing a PhD at the Roslin Institute. Being a member of EUSci has allowed me everything from writing, to editing, to layout, and I have enjoyed being involved with the different stages of magazine production

Alex Sinclair


I am a EuSci contributor in the capacity of editor, writer, and artist. At the moment I am the Arts & Graphics editor for EuSci Magazine. Why EuSci?-it's an outlet to share your Science with like minded individuals, and also to hopefully make it accessible to everyone. For me, it's been fun to join in as it's a collaborative effort where Science meets Art, Journalism, and Media.


News Editor, Ceilidh organiser and magazine writer/editor. Currently doing a PhD in Bone Biology at the Roslin Institute

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