Jess Smith

I now work in London as the Research Communications Officer for Alzheimer's Society.

Lara Moss

When I moved to Edinburgh in 2007 I was disappointed to find that the uni didn't have a science magazine I could get involved with. So, I decided to start one myself, which is how EUSci was founded in 2008. 

Hannah Blacknell

I am the 2013-2014 President of EUsci having previously been heavily involved with the magazine. I am MChem final year student and have just come back from a year long internship with P&G

Hayden S

Currently completing a PhD investigating the genetics of brain development and cancer. EUSci has provided ample distraction from this over the past couple of years.


Podcaster, Writer, Editor

Jon Manning

Jon Manning is a founding member of EUSci, and post-doc at the University of Edinburgh. Bioinformatician by day, he can be found podcasting or tinkering with the EUSci website by night.

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