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Matty Hartfield

I've been heavily involved in EUSci since I arrived in Edinburgh in 2008. Was EUSci President over 2009-10, during which time I set up the seminar series. These days I've had to take a step back from EUSci to focus on my evolutionary genetics PhD, but still try and submit articles when I can!

Silke Logermann

Current editor in Chief for the magazine.

Jess Smith

I now work in London as the Research Communications Officer for Alzheimer's Society.

Emily Pritchard, PhD

I did a PhD at the MRC Human Genetics Unit, then I worked as a Presenter for the University of Edinburgh's outreach programme, SCI-FUN, and I am currently working in schools.

Katie Marwick

Previously writer, podcaster, managing editor, science fiction editor and page editor. I'm a junior doctor so have had to reluctantly take a step back from EUSci to go off and heal the sick. However, I do very much like making puns in the realm of popular neuroscience so stand by for further contributions in the future...

Lara Moss

When I moved to Edinburgh in 2007 I was disappointed to find that the uni didn't have a science magazine I could get involved with. So, I decided to start one myself, which is how EUSci was founded in 2008. 

Edward Duca

Edward Duca believes that science is not just for himself but also for everyone to inspire and motivate. He is a recent PhD graduate in Genetics, and is also a freelance science writer and communicator. He has hosted talks in film bars, set up Malta Cafe Scientifique, and written about topics ranging from world-domination by robots to the perfect steak.

Hannah Blacknell

I am the 2013-2014 President of EUsci having previously been heavily involved with the magazine. I am MChem final year student and have just come back from a year long internship with P&G


During my stint as a PhD student in Edinburgh I was a EUSci podcaster and magazine contributer. Along with a few other ventures into the world of public engagement, being part of EUSci inspired me to abandon the lab and pursue a career in science communication. I'm now a medical writer based in Glasgow, although I try to find time for the occasional EUSci article or geeky blog post.
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