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Carbon Capture and Storage: A big winner for Scotland

The Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage (SCCS) launched their new report titled ‘Progressing Scotland’s CO2 storage opportunities’ on the 14th of March, at a ceremony attended by Scottish Energy Minister, Jim Mather MSP.
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Stalkers should shoot young deer when culling mothers

Each year around 100,000 deer are shot in Scotland; to protect trees and plants; prevent deaths during winter; as well as for sport. Best practice dictates that when a female deer is shot, her young should also be culled, rather than orphaned. A recent study monitoring the survival of orphaned deer lends scientific support to this practice. Read more »

Altitude Research: A Steep Learning Curve

British mountaineer George Mallory was once asked, “Why do you want to climb Everest?”, to which he gave the immortal retort, “Because it’s there.” Since then, countless enthusiasts have followed in that same spirit of adventure by climbing to the world’s loftiest points for the challenge and exhilaration. While the equipment that climbers sport these days may make the ascent safer, the body still suffers from the same treacherous low-oxygen conditions that would have blighted Mallory. Next summer, a group of Edinburgh students will be leading an expedition to a high-altitude laboratory to study this. Read more »

Adaptive algae provide inroads for climate change survival

New findings from the University of Edinburgh could have important consequences for climate change survival. Read more »

New £60.6 million centre for The Roslin Institute

The Roslin Institute, world renowned for the cloning of Dolly the Sheep, has moved to a brand new purpose-built centre at The University of Edinburgh’s Easter BushCampus. The £60.6m building will also house the SAC (Scottish Agriculture College)and will put Scottish science at the forefront of world-class research. Read more »