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The mysterious uterus

The uterus is a key player in all aspects of mammalian reproduction, from ovulation to birth. None of us would be here without it and half the population have one, so why are the mechanisms behind some of its main functions still shroudedin mystery? Read more »

What a copycat

Bowerbirds are best known for the construction and subsequent decoration of their elaborate bowers, which are used by males to attract mates.  But it is not so widely known that bowerbirds are also proficient mimics, typically mimicking over a dozen other species and environmental noises. Read more »

How to become a science communicator

Define the importance of a gene - without using the words DNA, transcription, or protein. If this is an easy task for you, you might be a born science journalist: their main job is to use the media to engage non-scientists with science. By writing easily-understandable articles, about relevant scientific topics, science journalists manage to make complicated scientific concepts accessible to the general public. Read more »

Experimental Man

David Ewing Duncan wanted to humanise a story about what we can learn from our bodies with today’s cutting-edge science. Amongst other things he gave up 1.4 litres of blood and - not at the same time - spent 22 hours in an MRI scanner, collecting over 100 gigabytes of data.  The result is a book about fish, mercury, parental worry and finding out, to my horror, that the author prefers the movie Dreamgirls to Pan’s Labyrinth. Read more »

Bringing Evolution to the Masses

J -  You’re not a scientist, so how did you get involved in explaining evolution and translating it into rap? Read more »