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Presidential talking heads let you chat anytime with a digital Obama or Romney

Would you have loved the chance to pick Barack Obama’s or Mitt Romney's brains during the run up to the 2012 presidential elections? Even though election mania is over, here’s your chance to have a conversation with the presidential candidates. Read more »

Are whiskers the key to sensitive robots?

Robots of the future could have fingertips as sensitive as those of people; thanks to research into the way the brain interprets touch.Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Sheffield connected artificial mouse whiskers to a robot brain to investigate how information produced in response to the sensation of touch is processed in the brain.  The scientists built up profiles of whi Read more »

New drugs could help those with high cholesterol by mimicking natural functions


Research on cholesterol production pathways, undertaken at the University of Edinburgh, has the potential to aid treatment of elevated cholesterol levels by identifying new drug targets.  Read more »

A tiny fly, a significant crop-killing pest

A tiny fly, with a wingspan of up 6.5mm, is advancing through Europe and North America with devastating effects on the fruit industry.  Read more »

Mad science

Reto U. Schneider is a former science journalist who came across a number of weird and wonderful experiments in the history of science that he was not allowed to write about in his magazine. He never forgot those and, in 2004, compiled them into Mad Science; a tongue-in-cheek romp through 700 years of the ingenious, the misguided and the downright odd. Read more »