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EUSci wins 'Best Magazine' at the Herald Scottish Student Press Awards 2011

Following the nomination last year of our podcast in the 'Best Use of Multimedia' category, EUSci has brought an award home this year- for no less than 'Best Magazine'. We were pitted against three worthy competitors, The Convergent (City of Glasgow College, The Edit (Glasgow Caledonian University) and qmunicate (University Of Glasgow), but EUSci prevailed. Read more »

World-class supercomputer "HECToR" to recieve substantial upgrade

Ranked sixteenth in the world in 2010, the UK's most powerful supercomputer, “HECToR”,which is held at the University of Edinburgh, will undergo a major upgrade later this year that is estimated to improve its performance more than two fold. HECToR is part of the UK's national high performance computing service and is used in academic and commercial research. Read more »

Breaking Barriers: Scotland must face up to the climate change challenge on all levels

The final report from the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Inquiry, “Facing up to climate change: breaking the barriers to a low-carbon Scotland” was launched in March.  Read more »

A video by the Royal Society of Edinburgh's Inquiry: Facing Up to Climate Change

Edinburgh scientists offer new hope to pregnant women

A new clinical trial led by scientists at the University of Edinburgh will test whether heart disease drugs can treat a potentially fatal pregnancy disorder called pre-eclampsia.
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EUSci needs you! Accepting applicants for committee positions now

The nominations for EUSci committee positions are now open. This is a great opportunity to get involved with EUSci, meet new people and have your say in how our society is run. Whether you want to take charge of an aspect of magazine production, or just join the committee to help out and be close to the action, there's something for everyone. Open positions: Read more »

Carbon Capture and Storage: A big winner for Scotland

The Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage (SCCS) launched their new report titled ‘Progressing Scotland’s CO2 storage opportunities’ on the 14th of March, at a ceremony attended by Scottish Energy Minister, Jim Mather MSP.
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Sleep study aims to help people with Down's Syndrome

The University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian are conducting a study examining sleep apnoea in adults with Down's Syndrome.  Read more »

Scotland Can Be Greener and Cleaner... Sooner

A group of scientists from the University of Edinburgh recently published the results of two studies that will help us to build a greener, more sustainable future. The studies show that our greenhouse gas emissions could be halved within 20 years, but suggest that using biofuels to power vehicles isn’t the way to do it.
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Research into sustainable water tackles three problems in one

A small team of Edinburgh Geoscientists led by Dr Kate Heal and collaborator Professor Paul Younger at Newcastle University have been developing a means of treating phosphorus polluted waters using ochre, a waste product from mine water treatment. The end result? Read more »

Transylvanian chicken -- looking weird but for good reasons

The Transylvanian naked neck chickens literally have no feathers around the neck, a feature that earns them the nicknames "churkey" or "turken" for their chicken-turkey hybrid look. Now scientists at the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute have discovered how this bizarre appearance might have come about.
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